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Where the European brains go

Gain or drain: How many professionals moved within Europe in the last ten years? Which are the countries that attract qualified workers, which countries suffer from the most brain drain? We looked at the numbers.

The colours on the map indicate whether a country lost or gained more professionals since 2003. Green means that more brains moved here than left (brain gain), red means more brains left this country than moving here (brain drain). Click on a country for extra information.
Note: There is not enough data on professional migration to and from Croatia yet.

Source: European Union, Regulated Professions Database

From 2003 until now, 276,124 EU citizens have applied to go to another member state to work on a permanent basis with their profession. The countries experiencing the most brain drain have been Poland (33,207 professionals), Germany (29,670), Romania (26,496), Greece (22,260) and the UK (21,519). At the same time, the UK has been the country with the most brain gain as well: 76,956 professionals moved here after obtaining their qualification in another EU country, followed by Germany (38,343), Belgium (22,835), Cyprus (22,834) and Austria (19,625).

The most mobile brains within the EU since 2003:
1. Secondary school teacher 54,040
2. Doctor of medicine 47,998
3. Nurse 39,773
4. Physiotherapist 12,529
5. Dental practitioner 8,907

Brain drain: Where did the professionals go?

by Katrin Nussmayr