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Dr. Berlin Bayer Schering Pharma Professor für Biochemie; Freier Berater im Bereich Medizin, Berlin


1972 M.D. degree, University of Munich 1974 Doctorate in Clinical Biochemistry, University of Munich 1975 moved to Rockefeller University in New York as a post-doc 1976 was appointed Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology 1982 Group Leader of Molecular Haematology, Centre Hopitalier Universitaire Vaudoise in Lausanne, Switzerland 1987 hired by Schering AG in Berlin in order to create a new Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Dr. Schleuning left Schering and cofounded PAION GmbH, a biopharmaceutical company with a drug portfolio largely based on Dr. Schleuning s research. since 2004 working as an independent consultant for biotechnology and venture capital firms. Dr. Schleuning has been a pioneer in the field of genetically engineered protein drugs. One of them (Desmoteplase) is now in the last stage of clinical development. His research strategy is based on the notion that evolution has created analogues of human proteins for specific adaptations in the animal world which are suitable as drugs for medicinal interventions. Examples include snake, spider, scorpion venoms and vampire bat saliva.