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Dr. Hermann HAUSER Co-Founder, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd.; Member, ERA Council Forum Austria; Cambridge


1973 MA in Physics, University of Vienna 1977 Ph.D. in Physics, King's College, Cambridge University 1978-1984 Co-founder (later Chairman); Lead, Research and Development team (BBC micro); Head, team ARM micro processor; Acorn Computers, Cambridge 1986 Vice President Research, Olivetti, Ivrea, Italy 1986 Founder Director, Harlequin, Cambridge 1987 Helped with formation, a joint venture between Acorn and Apple Computers, ARM Ltd, Cambridge 1988 Founder, Active Book Company, Cambridge 1991 Co-Chairman and Chief Technology Officer - acquired Active Book Company, EO Incorporated, Mountain View, California 1992 Founder Director, Vocalis, Cambridge 1993 Founder and Chairman, Advanced Telecommunications Modules Ltd, Cambridge (changed name to Virata Corporation and merged with Globespan in 2003 and Conexant in 2004) 1993 Founder Director, joint venture with E*Trade US. Sold to E*Trade US in 2000, Electronic Share Information Ltd, Cambridge 1993 Founder Director - Acquired by CDT, Advanced Displays Ltd, Cambridge 1993 Founder Director, SynGenix, Cambridge 1996 Founder, NetChannel, San Francisco, California (sold to AOL in 1998) since 1997 Co-founder and Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners Limited 1998 Co-founder, Cambridge Network Ltd, Cambridge