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Hrvoje HRIBAR Film producer, Zagreb


 Graduated film directing at Academy of Dramatic Arts
 Working as a first assistant director, scriptwriter, radio play writer, cook, essayist
 Produced, directed and wrote two Adriatic documentaries ("The World is Great" and "Once there was a Man") and also his first feature "The Tranquilizer Gun"
 In his company FIZ production he produced and directed the feature comedy "What's a Man without a Moustache"
 As a director and a script writer, he is also the author of "Croatian Cathedrals" (television film produced by HRT-Croation National Television) and short film "Between Zaghlul & Zaharias" (produced by Tuna-film).
 "What is a Man without a Moustache" was the most attended film in Croatian cinemas for the year of 2006, and was also shown at more than 30 international film festivals world wide.