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Lutfi ZHARKU Minister of Trade and Industry, Republika e Kosovës, Kaçanik


1987-1989 Finance Director of "SHARRI" socially-owned enterprise, Hani i Elezit, which comprised four factories (Çimentorja, Salloniti, Lepenci and Silkapori) 1989-1991 Commercial-Financial Director of "SHARRI" SOE, Hani i Elezit. On 6 August 1991 dismissed along with the whole management by Serbian authorities 1991-1994 Financial Officer for the private enterprise "SEJV-TREJD" Skopje, Macedonia 1994-1999 Financial Officer at private enterprise "Kaçaniku - Commerce" Kaçanik and "DRITA" Kaçanik 1999-2000 Assistant for Economy, UNMIK - Department of Trade and Industry, Pristina since 2000 Director of Sales and Marketing and Deputy General Director of cement factory "SHARRCEM", Hani i Elezit which was privatized by UNMIK - DTI and which has been leased to the Swiss company "HOLCIM"