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Mag. Monika GRIEFAHN Umweltministerin a.D. von Niedersachsen, Buchholz


1973-1979 Sociology and Mathematics (Diploma in Sociology), Universities of Göttingen and Hamburg 1973-1990 Adult education for trade unions, church organizations, NGOs, German-French Youth Organisation 1980-1982 Executive Director, YMCA Hamburg, Germany 1980-1983 Co-founder and Executive Director, Greenpeace Germany 1984-1990 Member of the International Board of Directors, Greenpeace International 1990-1998 Minister of Environmental Affairs in the State of Lower Saxony, Germany 1998-2009 Member of the German Parliament - Member, OSCE-delegation (1998-2005) - Vice Chair, German delegation to the Interparliamentary Union - Head, Commission for Culture and the Media (2000-2005) - Spokesperson, Sub-Committee United Nations (1998-2000) - Spokesperson, parliamentary group of the SPD for the Sub-Committee on Cultural Policy Abroad (2005-2009) - Spokesperson, parliamentary group of the SPD for the Committee on Cultural and the Media (1998-2000, 2005-2009) - Member, Sub-Committees on Cultural Policy Abroad and New Media - Member, Committees on Foreign Affairs and Culture and the Media Since 2009 Freelancer for culture, the media and the environment