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Array Nilgün ARISAN ERALP Director, Center for EU Studies, TEPAV - The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, Ankara


1978-1982 B.Sc. in Economics 1982-1984 M.A. in Economic Development, Middle East Technical University 1990-1991 M.Sc. in European Studies, Leicester University London School of Economics and Political Science 1987-1990 Ankara Prime Ministry of Turkey Advisor (to the Minister of State in charge of EU Affairs) 1991-1993 Advisor ( to the Deputy Prime Minister on EU Affairs), Prime Ministry of Turkey , Ankara 1993-1996 Advisor (to the Customs Union Coordinator and Chief Advisor of the Prime Minister), Prime Ministry of Turkey, Ankara 1996-1997 Project Director, Economic Development Foundation, Brussels 1997-2000 Head of Department of Customs Union ; The Directorate General for EU Affairs, State Planning Organisation; Ankara 2000-2009 Director of National Program, Secretariat General for the European Union Affairs (EUSG), Ankara