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Mag. Ursula PACHL Deputy Director General, BEUC - The European Consumers' Organisation, Brussels


 Ms. Pachl has been with BEUC since October 1997, first as Legal Advisor, then as Senior Policy Advisor and recently as Deputy Director General.
 BEUC represents 43 independent national consumer associations from 31 European countries. The primary task of BEUC is to act as a strong consumer voice in Brussels and to try to ensure that consumer interests are given their proper weight in the development of all Community policies. Ms Pachl is inter alia leading BEUC s work on the consumer legislation acquis and is responsible for horizontal policy issues.
 Prior to working for BEUC, Ms. Pachl worked for five years at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection in Vienna and for four years at the Austrian Consumer Information Association as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board.


Ms. Pachl is the author of several articles in consumer policy journals.