Peter Drucker Special Lecture: Führen und Werte in einer komplexen Welt


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Welches Wissen und welche Erfahrungen sollten ManagerInnen in einer zunehmend komplexen und volatilen Welt haben? Wertbasierte Führung wird als Alternative zur traditionellen hierarchischen Führung gesehen. Dies setzt jedoch eine Unternehmenskultur des Vertrauens voraus. Wird dies in der Praxis gelebt?


President, Peter Drucker Society Europe, ViennaIntroduction
Management Editor and Schumpeter Columnist, The Economist, LondonABSTRACT >Key Note
The basic elements of modern business—globalisation, innovation and consumer power—all add up to one thing: complexity. Threats can come from any corner of the world. New technologies can reconfigure the basics of entire industries. Consumers can shift their allegiance in the blink of an eye. How can companies cope with this new world—a world of terrifying threats but also unprecedented opportunities? How can they avoid being swamped by unexpected threats? Or led astray by astonishing opportunities? They need to keep their minds sharper than ever before—by keeping up with trends in every corner of the world and every budding technology. But they need to keep their values sharper. The more complicated business becomes the more business people need to cleave to a central core of old-fashioned values such as truthfulness, integrity and stewardship.Values provide leaders with a guide through the complexity of the modern business world. They provide them with a shield against short term temptations. And they provide them with a way of maintaining the trust of their employees.
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