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Political Symposium

Quest for Certainty and Security


Over the last few decades, the significance of various world views and traditional faiths has waned. Politics and society had positioned themselves within a combination of liberalism, individualism and "old concepts". The search for binding truths has resumed, and in some cases fears for the future are offset by falling back on fundamentalist ideologies. The search for greater security and certainty has led to a "re-theologization" of politics in some countries and regions. But what consequences does this development have for secular democracy? What role does the media play in this generally increasing insecurity and uncertainty? How acute is the need to secure resources and energy throughout Europe? And: How much certainty is even possible in a globalized, economically and politically interlinked world which is in a constant state of transformation? Is the only certainty that absolute security and certainty no longer exist?

Political Symposium

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