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Andrei MARGA President of the Academic Council, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca


1990-1992 Dean of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babe_-Bolyai University, Cluj 1992-1993 Vice-Rector of Babe_-Bolyai University, Cluj 1997-2000 Minister of National Education of Romania 1993-2004 Rector, Babe_-Bolyai University (BBU), Cluj, Romania 1995-2001 Member of the Committee of Higher Education and Research, Council of Europe, Strasbourg 1998 Vice-president of the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education, Paris 1998-2004 Vice-chair of the CEPES UNESCO Board since 2001 Member of the Kuratorium of the Institut für Kulturgeschichte Süd-Ost Europa, München (Germany) 2001-2003 Member of the International Advisory Commission of the University of Economics, Budapest (Hungary) 2001-2005 Member of the Board of the European University Association, Bruxelles since 2004 President of the Academic Council of the Babe_-Bolyai University, Cluj (Romania) 2004-2010 Member of the Council of the United Nations University, Tokyo (Japan) 2004-2008 Member of the Collegium of the Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna (Italy) 2004-2005 President of the Danubian Rectors Conference 2005 Member of the Academia Europea, Jena (Germany) since 2005 Member of the Advisory Board of the European Association for International Education, Amsterdam (Netherland) since 2006 Member of the Academia Europea, Salzburg (Austria) 2006-2010 Honorary President of the Danubian Rectors Conference