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Eva SCHLEGEL Artist, Vienna


1979-1985 Studies under Oswald Oberhuber at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
1997-2006 Professor for Art and Photography at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
since 1991 a multitude of exhibitions in a variety of countries worldwide of which the most recent are:
  Galerie Fortlaan, Gent
2010 "In Between", MAK Vienna; Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna; "Island, Nexus" Kunsthalle Saalfelden, "His/Her Nature"
  FOTO-RAUM, Vienna
  Commissioner of Austria's Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale
2011 FOTOHOF, Salzburg (with Franz Graf und Manfred Wakolbinger); "Höhenrausch.2" OK, Linz; "Der weibliche Blick",
  "Die Nacht im Zwielicht" Belvedere, /21er Haus, Vienna
2012 Soloproject Art Brussels; GALLERYSKE, Bangalore; Space-related art showcase, ETTAS - Topical Team,
  "Sex, Money and Power" Art Center Maison Particulière, Brussels; "Wolken" Leopold Museum, Vienna, Museum of
  Contemporary art, Chicago; ESA Topical Team - Human Spaceflight Research, European Space Agency, Noordwijk
2013 "Sublimate Sublime, Subliminal" The Lloyds Club, the Underdog Gallery, London; Maker Maxity, Mumbai;
2014 "no mans heaven", MAMM, Moscow; Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco
2015 "Vienna for Art´s Sake", Winterpalais, Vienna; Galerie Schmidt, Reith


Peter Sloterdijk, Bubbles, Spheres I, Cover, Semiotext(e), 2011
Eva Schlegel, In Between, Gallery Bo Bjerggard Ed., Kopenhagen, 2012
Eva Schlegel, No Man´s Heaven, Edition Salzburger Festspiele, 2013
Vienna for Art´s Sake, Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, curated by Peter Noever, Fabrica Italy 2014, p. 293-294