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Dr. Gerald CHAN Co-Founder, Morningside Group; Director, The Morningside Foundation, Shanghai


1972 B.Sc., M.Sc. in Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles 1975 Master of Science in Medical Radiological Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1979 Doctor of Science in Radiation Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1979-1980 Postdoctoral Fellow in Radiobiology, Harvard School of Public Health 1980-1984 Research Fellow in Pathology, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 1984-1985 Private Investor 1986 Co-founder and Director, The Morningside Group Limited Company Directorship: since 1986 Hang Lung Group Limited, one of the largest China-focused real estate companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1993 Morningside (China) Company Ltd., an investment management company which manages a portfolio of operating companies in mainland China in diverse industries including paper, building materials, machinery, media, communication, biotechnology and health care since 1996 Natural Polymer International Corporation, Richardson, Texas, a technology company which develops and manufactures biodegradable plastic substitute materials since 1996 The Morningside Foundation since 2002 Morningside (HBR) Limited, Publisher of the Harvard Business Review, Chinese edition since 2002 Bright Wealth Resources Limited, Publisher of Forbes magazine, Chinese edition since 2004 Serica Technologies, Medford, Massachusetts, a clinical development stage biotech company with a technology for soft tissue regeneration Vaccine Technologies Inc, Boston, Massachusetts and Haikou, China, developer of a Hepatitis B vaccine using a novel route of antigen presentation since 2005 Metacure, Inc, Israel and New York based company, maker of an implantable device which uses electrical signals to reduce appetite for food as treatment for obesity and diabetes since 2006 Critical Biologics Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a biotech company developing diagnostics and a biologic therapeutic for sepsis and end-stage renal disease since 2007 Stealth Peptide Inc., a biotech company developing a series of small peptides which protect the mitochondria from oxidative stress since 2007 Matrivax, a biotech company based in Boston, Massachusetts and Haikou, China, with novel technology for making multivalent polysaccharide vaccines since 2008 Inimex Pharmaceuticals, Vancouver, Canada, developing first-in-class drugs for infectious diseases and cancer that work by triggering the body s innate immune system without causing inflammation