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Hrvoje HRIBAR Film producer, Zagreb


 Graduated film directing at Academy of Dramatic Arts
 Working as a first assistant director, scriptwriter, radio play writer, cook, essayist
 Produced, directed and wrote two Adriatic documentaries ("The World is Great" and "Once there was a Man") and also his first feature "The Tranquilizer Gun"
 In his company FIZ production he produced and directed the feature comedy "What's a Man without a Moustache"
 As a director and a script writer, he is also the author of "Croatian Cathedrals" (television film produced by HRT-Croation National Television) and short film "Between Zaghlul & Zaharias" (produced by Tuna-film).
 "What is a Man without a Moustache" was the most attended film in Croatian cinemas for the year of 2006, and was also shown at more than 30 international film festivals world wide.
2001 he directed the TV series "New Age" (HRT production).


President to a Croatian Film Directors' Guild


Stop Eating, short, 1988
Croatian Cathedrals, television film, 1992
Between Zaghlul & Zaharias, short, 1994
Tranquilizer Gun, long feature, 1997
The World is Great, documentary, 1999
Once there was a Man, documentary, 2001
New Age, TV-series, 2002
What is a Man without a Moustache?, long feature, 2005


Oktavian (best Croatian film of the year) for several times (Tranquilizer Gun, Once there was the Man, Between Zaghlul & Zaharias)