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Dr. Jeanette HOFMANN Professor of Internet Politics, Freie Universität Berlin


1995-1999 Member, Project Group "Kulturraum Internet", Research Unit "Organization and Technology", WZB - Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin
2000-2007 Fellow and Program Leader, Internet Governance, Research Units "Innovation und Organisation" & "New Forms of Governance", WZB - Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin
2003-2004 Interim professor for Politics and Communication, Department of Political Science, University of Duisburg-Essen
2003-2006 Member, Collaborative Research Center 597 "Transformations of the State", Subproject "Regulation and Legitimation on the Internet", University of Bremen
2007-2010 Researcher, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science, London
2010-2013 Expert member, Parliamentary Enquiry Commission Internet and Digital Society, German Bundestag, Berlin
2010-2013 Member, Research Unit "Cultural Sources of Newness", WZB - Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin
since 2012 Director, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin
since 2013 Head of the Project Group "The Internet Policy Field" WZB - Berlin Social Science Center, Berlin
since 2014 Honorary Professor of Internet Politics, Central Institute of Further Education, Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin
since 2017 Professor of Internet Politics, Freie Universität Berlin


Co-chair, Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance (NETmundial), 2014
Expert Group on "Trust at Risk? Implications for and Responses of Research and Innovation Policies in a Medium-Term Perspective", Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, European Commission, 2014-2015
Standing Committee Digitized Society, Leopoldina - German National Academy of Sciences, since 2015


Multi-stakeholderism in Internet governance: putting a fiction into practice, Journal of Cyber Policy, 1, 1, 2016
Hofmann, J.; Katzenbach, C.; Gollatz, K.: Between Coordination and Regulation: Finding Governance in Internet Governance, New Media & Society, 2016
Open Access: Ein Lackmustest in: Dreier, Fischer, Van Raay & Spiecker gen. Döhmann (eds.): Informationen der öffentlichen Hand - Zugang und Nutzung, Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden, 2016
Haunss, S.; Hofmann, J.: Entstehung von Politikfeldern - Bedingungen einer Anomalie, der moderne staat - Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management, 1, 2015
Narratives of Copyright Enforcement: The Upward Ratchet and the Sleeping Giant, Revue Française d'Etudes Américaines, n° 134, 2013