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Mag. Dr. MSc. Johannes POLLAK Research Fellow, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Research Unit for Institutional Change and European Integration, Vienna


1991 M.A. in Political Science, University of Vienna, Institute for Political Science 1992-94 Post-graduate studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, Dept. of Political Science 1996 Ph.D. in Political Science and Philosphy, University of Vienna since 1996 University Lector at the University of Vienna, Institute for Political Science 1996-97 MSc. in Political Theory, London School of Economics and Political Science 1997-98 Research Collaborator at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Laxenburg since 1998 University Lector at the University of Salzburg, Institute for Political Science 1999 Consultant for the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union since 2000 Lector at the Postgraduate Course "European Studies" at the University of Vienna 2000 Expert Evaluator, European Commission since 2002 Lector at the Webster University Vienna 2002 Expert Evaluator, European Commission 2002 Lector at the European International Relations Summer School, Standing Group on International Relations of the ECPR