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Array John HAGEL III Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte US, San Jose, CA


1972 BA, Wesleyan University 1974 B.Phil., University of Oxford 1978 JD, Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA 1978 MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston 1978-1984 Consultant, Boston Consulting Group 1980-1982 Founder and CEO, Sequoia Group, Inc. 1982-1984 Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Atari, Inc. 1984-2000 Principal, Strategy Practice and Electronic Commerce Practice, McKinsey & Company - 2000-2001 Chief Strategy Officer, 12 Entrepreneuring, Inc., San Francisco 2001-2007 Independent Management Consultant, Author since 2007 Co-Chairman, Silicon Valley Based Research Center (to be named), Deloitte Touche USA, LLP