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Jonuz SALIHAJ Minister of Justice of Kosovo (UNMIK), Pristina


1987-1989 Assistant of Analytical chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pristina 1998-2000 Member of Senate at University of Pristina, Deputy of Kosovo Transitional Government 1990-1999 Principal of Electrical Engineering Secondary School "Gjin Gazulli "in Pristina 1991-1999 Chemistry adviser in Pedagogic Institute of Kosova 1999 Member of Common Civil Committee for Education since 1999 Head of Secondary Education Directorate of Kosova Transitional Government since 1999 Member of Committee for the Development of Education System of Kosova (DESK) and Head of Kosova Secondary Schools Working Group 2000 Research visit to Ljubljana (Slovenia)-Reforms in Education System 2000 Research visit to Ohrid - Management of Changes in Education 2000 Research visit to Mavrova - Professional Education -Program PHARE 1999 Consultant in German Office for Reconstruction and Development (GORED) for Kosovo Professional Education 1999 Research Visit to Hungary - Professional Education 2000 Research Visit to Dubrovnik - Learning and Work integration 2003 Research visit to Ljubljana: School for Principals, Management High School in Kopër and Participation in Portorozh Conference, 27-29 January 2003 since 2000 Coordinator of the Program for Qualitative Education and Governance and Management of Education in Kosova Education Centre in Prishtina 2004 Seminar for Decentralization in Bukarest, where 15 states showed their experiences 2004 Member of Strategy for High Education working group since 2004 Coordinator of Governance and Management Program and Principal of Private School "Mileniumi i Tretë"