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Leslie LIPSCHITZ Director, International Monetary Fund Institute, Washington, D.C.


1969-1973 Director, Tonsut Properties, Learil Enterprises, P.E. Clothing 1972 Bachelor of Business Science (Economics), University of Cape Town, South Africa 1974 M.Sc. London School of Economics and Political Science since 1974 International Monetary Fund 1983-1984 Guest Scholar, The Brookings Institution 1983-1985 Professorial Lecturer, School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University 1984 Ph.D. University of London 1998-2003 Deputy Director, Policy Development and Review since 2003 Director, International Monetary Fund 2006, 2009 Chairman of the Board, Joint Vienna Institute 2006-2007 Co-Chairman, IMF Taskforce on Integrating Finance and Financial Sector Analysis into Surveillance