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Marc ABRAHAMS Editor and co-founder, Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), Cambridge


Graduated from Harvard College with a degree in applied mathematics. Spent several years developing optical character recognition computer systems (including a reading machine for the blind), and later founded Wisdom Simulators, Inc., a creator of educational software. He was the back-page humor columnist for the late, lamented computer magazine Byte. He wrote a monthly back-page humor column for the engineering magazine Design News. He has been commentator for ABC-TV's World News Now and on public radio. He is the father and master of ceremonies of the Ig Nobel Prize. In addition to editing the magazine, Marc writes a monthly newsletter called mini-AIR, a weekly column for the British newspaper The Guardian, and a daily blog. 1990-1994, he was the editor of the Journal of Irreproducible Results. 1994, after the magazine's publisher decided to abandon the magazine, the founders and entire editorial staff (1955-1994) of the Journal abandoned the publisher and immediately created AIR. He also frequently performs lectures that show both the funny side AND the importance of science, medicine, and technology.