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Michael GAHLER Member of the European Parliament and Coordinator on the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, European People's Party (Christian Democrats), Brussels


1966-1970 Adolf-Reichwein elementary school in Frankfurt-Zeilsheim 1970-1978 Leibniz High School and BIKUZ High School in Frankfurt-Höchst 1979-1980 Enlisted soldier at the telecommunications batallion 1981-1987 Study of law in Mainz, 1st state examination 1987-1990 Traineeship in Frankfurt, Hochheim and Brussels, 2nd state examination 1990-1991 Attaché formation at the diplomatic school of the Foreign Office 1991-1993 Assistant in the department International Environmental Politics of the Foreign Office 1993-1995 Assistant in the Foreign Affairs Office of the CDU 1995-1999 Assistant for the Baltic States and the Baltic Sea Council in the Foreign Office since 1999 Member of the European ParliamentFunctions in the parliamentary period 1999-2004 - Member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Security and Defence Politics - Substitute member in the committee of development and cooperation - First Vicepresident of the parliamentary committee EU-Lithuania - Substitute member of the delegation in the parliamentary committee EU-LatviaPolitical Activities Since 1978 Membership of the Junge Union (JU) 1985-1987 Secretary, Deputy President and President of the JU municipal association Hattersheim 1987-1989 Treasurer, Deputy President and President of the JU district association Main-Taunus 1990 -1993 Treasurer and President of the JU county association Nassau Deputy of the county in the Hessian regional association 1991-1996 Member of the International Commission in the JU federal association since 1981 Membership of the CDU 1986-1989 CDU city councillor, member of the executive until 1991 since 1988 Member of the CDU district assembly 1993-1997 Member of the Regional Planning Assembly at the Regional Council Darmstadt 1994-1996 President of the German Federal Court of Arbitration since 1994 Deputy President of the CDU municipal association since 1995 Delegate to the EPP-congress in the CDU federal association since 1999 Member of the European Parliament in the CDU regional association