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Peter COOK Professor, The Bartlett School of Architecture


1958-60 studied at the Architectural Association, London 1964-89 Year Master/Unit Master Architectural Association since 1984 Life Professor of Architecture, Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Staedelschule), Frankfurt am Main since 1990 Bartlett Professor of Architecture 1998-99 Cullinan Visiting Professor, Rice University, Houston Visiting Professor (with C.Hawley), Technical University, Vienna Visiting Professor at various times to: MIT, University of Queensland, AHO Oslo, SCI-ARC Los Angeles, UCLA, University of Nebraska, Moscow Institute of Architects, Nihon University Tokyo 1970-72 Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 1972-78 Director, "Art Net", London since 1978 Partner Cook and Hawley Architects since 2000 Director of "Spacelab" Key Works: Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria (ongoing) Pinto, Madrid, Spain - town extension (ongoing) Pfaffenburg Museum, Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Austria (with C.Hawley) Lutzowplatz Housing, Berlin 1993 Staedelschule Canteen, Frankfurt, 1994