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Peter HALL Professor of Planning at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College London and Director of the Institute of Community Studies


studied at the University of Cambridge 1965-79 member of the South East Regional Planning Council 1968-88 Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Reading 1974-79 member of the Social Science Research Council 1980-92 Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, now Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning 1990-92 expert adviser to the Government of South Australia for the Strategic Review for Metropolitan Adelaide 1991-94 Special Adviser on Strategic Planning to the Secretary of State for the Environment 1994-95 adviser to the London and Continental Rainway Company on the high-speed rail link from London to the Channel Tunnel 1998-99 member of the Deputy Prime Minister's Urban Task Force 1998-2001 co-principal investigator on the ESRC Cities Programme's London Integrated City Study 2000 convenor of the World Commission on 21st Century Urganization (Urban 21) and co-editor of its report