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Mag. Petr NOVAK Deputy Director, Ministry of the Interior, Department for Asylum and Migration Policies, Prague


1987 Academy of Arts, Faculty of Film and TV Dept. of Organization and Management 1987-91 Krátký film Praha, Dept. of Public Relations, Assistant 1991-92 Office of the Commissioner of the Czechoslovak Government for Refugees, Director since 1993 Ministry of the Interior, Dept. for Asylum and Migration Policies, Deputy Director 1997 Charles University Prague, Faculty of Law, Special Course, EU Training for officials 2003 Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Republic, Special Course for Officials Participation in activities relevant to refugee problems: UNHCR HQ Geneva, UNHCR Office Vienna, EXCOM UNHCR Sessions, UNHCR Seminar Ankara International Visitor Program of the U.S. Information Agency - Immigrant and Refugee Issues in the U.S.A. Fact Finding Missions - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Latvia Seminars - BFF Bern, Aspen Institute Berlin, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Brussels, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. Bonn, H. Seidel Stiftung München EU-SCIFA Participation in international conferences on asylum seekers, refugees, temporary protection, humanitarian assistance (former Yugoslavia) - Vienna, Zagreb, Strassbourg, Budapest, Geneva, Warsaw, Interlaken, Minsk, Brussels, Rhodos, Athens 1996-97 Participation in the Repatriation Programme, in the Programme of Reconstruction of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the MEDEVAC (Medical Evacution Programme for children for medical treatment in the Czech Republic) Programme I 1999-2000 Participation in the Repatriation Programme, in the Programme of Reconstruction of Kosovo and the MEDEVAC Programme II 2003 Participation in the MEDEVAC Programme III - Iraq