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DI Robert PRAXMARER Co-Founder, Polycular, Hallein


1992-1995 Scholarship for talented students (Österreichische Hochbegabtenförderung)
1995-2001 Computer Science, Johannes Kepler University Linz
1998-2001 Researcher, Ars Electronica Futurelab
2001-2004 Key researcher (Computer Vision, Virtual Reality) and Senior Developer, Ars Electronica Futurelab
2001-2009 Independent Artist (75 international exhibitions and performances)
2004-2009 Freelance multimedia dramatic advisor and producer for international companies e.g. UEFA, Ferrari, Lufthansa; Lecturer, Interface Cultures, Art University of Linz and University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg; Lecturer, Interface Cultures, Art University of Linz and University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg
2006-2007 CIANT Media Lab Prague (digital performance, motion capturing and game researcher)
2009-2015 Department Head, Augmented Reality & Computer Games, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
2010-2014 Research Lead; CADET Center for Advances in Digital Entertainment Technologies; PELS Pervasive Experience Lab Salzburg
since 2014 Startup Founder, Polycular, Hallein


Praxmarer, R: Zukünfte von Mixed Reality in Kunst und Kultur. Band: "Zukunft. Kultur. Lebensqualität." LIT Verlag. Berlin. S.87-109. 2012
Praxmarer, R. et al: DiY SURVIVAL - There is no subculture only subversion. Pages 91-95, Lightning Source Ltd. UK, 2005
Praxmarer, R. et al: Libro Vision - Gesture-Controlled Virtual Book. Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment. TIDSE Conference Proceedings, Darmstadt, Germany, 2004
Praxmarer, R. et al: A. ARS BOX with palmist: Advanced VR-system based on commodity hardware. ACM SIGGRAPH 2002, Emerging Technologies, page 64, 2002


Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, 2014
GreenStart Award, 2015
Salzburger Landespreis Marketing, 2018
Josef Umdasch Research Award, 2018