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Romano PRODI Former Prime Minister of the Italian Republic; former President, European Commission; President, African Union-UN Peacekeeping Panel; Professor-at-Large, Brown University; Professor, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai


1963 Assistant professor at the Department of Economics and at the Faculty of Political science, University of Bologna 1966 Associate professor at the Department of Economics and at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna 1971-1999 Professor of Industrial Organisation and Industrial Policy, University of Bologna 1974 Visiting professor at Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute He helped establish the "Italian school of Industrial Policy", and acted for several years as the editor of its quarterly journal, L'Industria, Rivista di Economia e Politica Industriale. 1981 Foundation of Nomisma 1978-1979 Minister of Industry 1982-1989 Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (IRI) 1993 Coordination of privatization of industrial, banking and service companies 1995 Foundation of the "Olive tree" centre-left coalition 1996 "Olive tree" centre-left coalition won the election 1996-1998 Appointed Prime Minister 1999-2005 President, European Commission 2006 Elected leader of the centre-left coalition in Italy 2006-2008 Prime Minister Since 2008 President, Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation Since 2008 Chairman, UN-AU High Level Panel for Peacekeeping in Africa Since 2009 Professor, Brown University (USA) Since 2010 Professor, CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) in Shanghai