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Stefana GREAVU Minister Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bucharest


1987 started her diplomatic career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania 1987-1992 and 1993-1994 she worked in the Western Europe Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (German respectively Austrian Desk Officer) and was appointed as Deputy Director of this Division in 1998 (until 1999) 1992-2003 she was successively a member of the Romanian Embassies in Bonn, Berlin, Vienna (Deputy Head of Mission) and of the General Consulate of Romania in Munich 2004 Executive Manager in the BSEC Permanent International Secretariat (PERMIS) by the decision of the BSEC Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in April 2004 for a term in office of 3 years. She is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the following Working Groups(subsidiary organs of BSEC): WG on Combating Crime, WG on Environmental Protection, WG on Health Care and Pharmaceutics, Good Governance and Institutional Renewal, Ad-Hoc Working Group for the BSEC-EU interaction.