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Volkan VURAL Board Member, TÜSIAD - Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association; Counselor to Chairman, Dogan Holding, Istanbul


1964 University of Ankara, Faculty of Political Sciences 1964-1968 Third and second Secretary at the Economics Department in the Turkish Foreign Service 1968-1970 First Secretary, Turkish Embassy, Seoul, South Korea 1971-1973 Consul, Turkish Consulate General, Munich 1973-1976 Head of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara 1976-1982 Deputy Head, Political Department, NATO International Secretariat (Bruxelles) on Secondment from the Turkish Foreign Office 1982-1986 General Director of Economics Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara 1987-1988 Ambassador of Turkey to the Islamic Republic of Iran 1988-1993 Ambassador of Turkey to the Soviet Union and later to the Russian Federation 1993-1995 Ambassador, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister on foreign and national security issues 1995-1998 Ambassador of Turkey to the Federal Republic of Germany 1998-2000 Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations, New York 2000-2003 State Secretary for European Union Affairs 2003-2006 Ambassador of Turkey to the Kingdom of Spain 2006 Retired from the Turkish Foreign Service since 2007 Advisor to the President of the Dogan Group of Companies since 2009 TUSIAD Board Member, President of EU Harmonisation Committee