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External analysis of lobbying strategies

Plenary / Panel
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Correspondent, FOCUS Magazine, Brussels
EurActiv, Brussels Network Office, International Press Centre, Brussels Abstract
When contacting journalists in order to launch a story, lobbyists tend to commit a set of common but avoidable mistakes. From a journalist's (and former lobbyist's) perspective, we will look at a fictitious example of a story that 'has made it', examining what it took to get a journalist interested in the matter. We will also briefly discuss if and when it is worthwhile to convince a journalist to share the lobbyist's take on the matter. The presentation aims at providing participants with a brief and straightforward set of rules which, when consequently applied, will make both lobbyists' and journalists' lives easier.
Spokesperson of Vice-President Günter Verheugen, European Commission, Brussels
Advisor, Directorate General Communication, European Commission, Brussels Chair

Dipl.-Jur.Univ. Stefan BORST

Correspondent, FOCUS Magazine, Brussels

 Stefan Borst studied law and politics at the universities of Regensburg and Vienna. Parallel to his studies he started writing as a freelance journalist for several newspapers. After a time as a Trainee-Editor for the Vogel Verlag in Munich he worked as an Editor for the German edition of the US-Magazine Business 2.0 and as Senior Editor for Wirtschaftswoche e-Business. With the end of the New Economy-Boom in 2001 he joined the editorial of FOCUS Magazine in Munich. In 2006 he accepted a post as EU-Correspondent for FOCUS in Brussels.

Andreas DIETL

EurActiv, Brussels Network Office, International Press Centre, Brussels

1988 - 1995 University studies: Political science, American studies, Geography (Munich, Tübingen, Berlin)
1995 - 2001 Free-lance journalist (Berlin)
2001 - 2003 Parliamentary Assistant, European Parliament (Brussels)
2003 - 2005 European Affairs Director, European Digital Rights and Foundation for Information Policy Research (Brussels)
since 2005 Journalist, in charge of Social Europe, Information Society, Competition, Innovation and Growth Sections, (Brussels)


Spokesperson of Vice-President Günter Verheugen, European Commission, Brussels

1977-1984 HAVO and Atheneum-A, highest level Dutch secondary education, Eindhoven, Netherlands
1984-1985 PABO, Dutch teacher training course, Eindhoven, Netherlands
1985-1988 Academy for Journalism and Communication, Tilburg, Netherlands
  and regional reporter, after internship in 1987
1988-1989 Dagblad De Limburger, Dutch regional daily, Maastricht and Sittard, foreign and home news desk junior editor
1990-1991 Omroep Brabant, regional radio station, Eindhoven, Netherlands, producer, reporter and presenter regional news
  syndicate of Dutch regional dailies, as specialist on AkzoNobel and chemical industry in general as well
1991-1994 Arnhemse Courant, Dutch regional daily, Arnhem, business and labour relations reporter, working for GPD,
  covering stock markets, Shell/oil industry and food industry
1994-1995 ANP, Dutch national (privately owned) press agency, Amsterdam, business and finance reporter, mainly
  and home affairs and defence/NATO
1996-2006 ANP, Brussels correspondent, covering EU/NATO/Belgium, mainly reporting on financial affairs, justice
since 2006 Spokesman Enterprise & Industry and spokesman Vice President Günter Verheugen, European Commission

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Georg DOUTLIK

Advisor, Directorate General Communication, European Commission, Brussels

1964-1970 Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences)
1970-1972 Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. USA, Master of Science
  disposal, Project engineer
1972 G. Edwin Pidcock Consulting Engineers, Allentown, Pa. USA, Environmental technology, water supply, waste water
  Manager for Technical Development, Sales Manager, Division Manager
1973-1992 ETERNIT-Werke L. Hatschek AG, Wiener Neudorf, Pipe systems for Water supply and Wastewater Disposal,
  General Manager
1993-1997 ETERNIT Tiefbau GmbH, Wiener Neudorf, Pipe systems for water supply and waste water disposal,
  Elaboration of enterprise aspects regarding sustainable development and environment policy
1998-2000 European Commission, Brussels, DG Enterprise Head of Unit for "Environmental aspects of enterprise policy",
  Project management in the framework of perennial programs and entrepreneurial initiative, pertinent political
2000-2002 European Commission, Brussels, DG Enterprise Head of Unit for "Improving framework conditions for SMEs",
  in Austria, Information brokering and commentatorship
2002-2008 European Commission, Vienna, DG Communication, Head of the representation of the European Commission