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The Best for the Individual – the Essentials for All

Plenary / Panel
German and English language

Deciphering the genetic code is a significant milestone on the road towards individualised and personalised health care. It is a big challenge to render this process accessible for society as a whole. Which strategies will actually lead to better health and wellbeing?


Artist; Assistant Professor of Art and Technology Studies, School of the Art Institute, Chicago
President and Co-Founder, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle
Director of Research, The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics Ltd., Edinburgh
Chairman, Methodos S.p.A., Munich Chair

MD. Ph.D. Leroy HOOD

President and Co-Founder, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle

1963-1964 NIH Predoctoral Fellowship, California Institute of Technology
1964-1967 NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, California Institute of Technology
1967-1970 Senior Investigator, Immunology Branch, GL&C, NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD
1970-1973 Assistant Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology
1973-1975 Associate Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology
1975-1977 Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology
1977-1992 Bowles Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology
1980-1989 Chairman, Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology
1981-1992 Director, Cancer Center, California Institute of Technology
1992-1999 William Gates III Professor & Chairman, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, School of Medicine, University of Washington
1989-2000 Director, NSF Science & Technology Center for Molecular Biotechnology, Caltech
since 1992 Affiliate Professor, Departments of Bioengineering, Computer Science & Immunology
since 1992 President and Professor, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA


Director of Research, The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics Ltd., Edinburgh

1991-1992 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship studying the synthesis and applications of genetic antivirals as potent drugs against AIDS/HIV, University of Edinburgh and the Medical Research Council
1993-1997 Associate, Synthesis of New Kinds of Drugs for Gene-Therapy, Link Technologies Ltd, Glasgow Research and Development
1997-2001 Visiting/Associate Lecturer in Biological Chemistry and Bioethics, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
2001-2003 Senior Civil Servant, Bioethics Division in the Directorate General of Legal Affairs, Council of Europe Strasbourg
since 2003 Director of Research, Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, Scottish Charity, Edinburgh
since 2010 Visiting Lecturer & Visiting Professor of Bioethic, St Mary s University, Twickenham, London


Chairman, Methodos S.p.A., Munich

 Studied Political Sciences in Würzburg and Rome
1980-1985 Communcation functions in public service, Rome
1985-1992 Journalist for FORTUNE, Wirtschaftswoche, L'Independente, Italia Oggi, Il Giornale, Finanz und Wirtschaft, The European
since 1996 Author and Scholar, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
since 2000 European School of Management and Technology, Berlin
1992-2015 Head of Group Communications, Allianz SE, Munich
  Executive coach and mentor, Entrepreneurship Center, Munich
since 2015 Chairman of Methodos, S.p.A., Milan

Health Symposium

show timetable


17:30 - 18:15OpeningPlenary
18:15 - 19:30The Best for the Individual - the Essentials for AllPlenary
19:30 - 20:00Meet the Speaker: Heather Dewey-HagborgPlenary
19:30 - 20:00Meet the Speaker: Leroy Hood and Calum MacKellarPlenary
20:00 - 22:00ReceptionSocial


09:00 - 10:30Old and New Myths in MedicinePlenary
10:45 - 12:00Redefining Competences in an "Enlightened" Healthcare SystemPlenary
12:00 - 12:30Introduction to the Themes of the Breakout SessionsPlenary
14:00 - 14:15Digital Pioneers in the Health SectorBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 01: Dexhelpp - Decision Support for Health Policy and PlanningBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 02: Active@Home - Playful Training for People With DementiaBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 03: Ipso-Ecare - a Human-Powered Empathy Engine at ScaleBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 04: healthbank - A Citizen-Owned Health Data Transaction PlatformBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 05: GivMed - Help Others Using Your Smartphone: Medicine Donations RedefinedBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 06: MyMind - Leveraging Technology to Innovate the Landscape of Mental Health CareBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 07: AnneEli - Multilingual Digital Assistance for a Healthy PregnancyBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 08: xMEDx - Online Consultancy from PhysiciansBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 09: Be My Eyes - Connecting the Visually Impaired with Seeing PeopleBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 10: Video Interpreting in the Health SectorBreakout
14:15 - 17:00Breakout Session 11: dacadoo - Health and Lifestyle CoordinatorBreakout
17:00 - 20:00Reception on the HillSocial


04:30 - 08:00Sunrise Hike with Peter Habeler to GratlspitzSocial
09:00 - 10:45Digitised Medicine: Can More Data Improve Healing?Plenary
11:15 - 13:00Electronic Patient Data in Clinical RoutinePlenary
13:15 - 15:00Health Talk: Nutrition, Health & Co - a Mouseclick Away?Social
15:30 - 18:00Partner Session 01: Vaccination in Austria - Status Quo and Quo VadisPartner
15:30 - 19:00Partner Session 02: Connected Health Care - the Future of Patient ManagementPartner
15:30 - 19:00Partner Session 03: Diabesity - Individualised Medicine Versus Macro EnvironmentPartner
15:30 - 17:00Partner Session 04: The Best Health Care System in the World. Myth or Fact?Partner
15:30 - 17:00Partner Session 05: Generation GPartner
17:30 - 19:00Partner Session 06: World Café on Possible Benefits of the Implementation of ELGA in AustriaPartner
17:30 - 19:00Partner Session 07: Health and MigrationPartner
17:30 - 19:00Partner Session 08: The Helping Hands - Changing Roles of Professionals in a Modern Health SystemPartner