Obituary Karel Schwarzenberg

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14 Nov, 2023


We mourn the loss of Karel Schwarzenberg. Thomas Mayr-Harting, Chairman of the EFA International Advisory Board (IAB), and Andreas Treichl, EFA President, bid farewell to a long-standing EFA IAB Board Member.

Thomas Mayr-Harting, Chair of the International Advisory Board of the European Forum Alpbach: “With the death of Karel Schwarzenberg, we have lost a great European and a great ‘Alpbacher’. We are proud that the European Forum Alpbach was one of the places where, together with others, he prepared the foundations for the great European turnaround. In ‘My Europe – A Village’, Kurt Langbein’s documentary film on the occasion of the Forum’s 70th anniversary, Schwarzenberg vividly recounts how he planned the future in Alpbach together with Czech intellectuals in exile long before 1989. He described Alpbach’s ‘common basic idea’ as ‘a Europe that will gradually unite, be democratic and governed by the rule of law and at the same time develop economically’. He fought for this vision throughout his life. And he made a decisive contribution to its realisation. In the spirit of Karel Schwarzenberg, the European Forum Alpbach continues to stand up for this vision unwaveringly and with full vigour, especially in times when the common Europe is increasingly being called into question in some places.

Karel Schwarzenberg was a very active, imaginative and committed member of our International Advisory Board until the very end. Less than three weeks ago, he informed us that he would be happy to remain a member for the next three years. His principles and his efforts on behalf of Europe will continue to guide us.”

Andreas Treichl, President of the European Forum Alpbach: “Karel Schwarzenberg was also a great friend; a person who will never be forgotten; a person who must never be forgotten. He will be greatly missed.”