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Activities in Ukraine 2013/14

International Student’s HR Forum (Kyiv, 28.11.2013)
On November 28th the KIGA jointly with German company in Ukraine „UKRAINE CONSULTING“ held the first Students HR FORUM „Employment for the youth. How to be prepared for the first job?“. The HR Forum took place at Kyiv National Economic University named Vadym Hetman. The aim of HR Forum was to increase employability skills of Ukrainian youth and students to start career in the international companies in Ukraine. The following International companies, which are active in Ukraine, were presented at the event: Porsche Finance Group, Vienna Insurance Group, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Ukrsibbank shared their experience with the youth.

International Student's HR Forum
International Student’s HR Forum







Alpbach Euromaidan (European Forum Alpbach 2014, Austria)

Year 2014 was marked with big political changes in Ukraine, which started from the peaceful protest called Euromaidan. KIGA decided to reconstruct it within EFA 2014. With the corresponding decorations and field kitchen KIGA tried to creat the atmosphere of the Maidan in a small Austrian village Alpbach. Borrowing the idea from the Open University of Maidan, KIGA conducted some masterclasses useful for street protesting, small talks, showed documentary films. Dr. Erhard Busek featured as a special guest at the event. Being familiar with Ukrainian reality he gave a big informative speech in front of young people, many of whom are completely out of touch with Ukraine. The Alpbach Euromaidan included also a panel discussion between scholarship holders from Ukraine and Kosovo on the issue of the current Crimea Peninsula status. A big part of the event was dedicated to the so called „personal touch of Maidan“, where Ukrainians and Austrians tried to individualize recent events in Kyiv by sharing with their own Maidan experience. KIGA’s goal was to dispel a myth that Euromaidan was a primitive revolt of the radicals,but a way more complex display of the civil consciousness in the form of protest which involved all layers of Ukrainian society. More than approximately 60 scholarship holders from different countries attended the event.

Alpbach Euromaidan
Alpbach Euromaidan

Fireside Talk on the topic “Doing business in Ukraine during the Crisis time from perspectives of the foreign companies” (Kyiv, 10.12.2014)

On the December 10th KIGA jointly with the Department for Foreign Affairs of the Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv conducted a Fireside Talk on the topic “Doing business in Ukraine during the Crisis time from perspectives of the foreign companies”. As speakers were invited: Alexander Markus, the Head of the Delegation of German Industry andCommerce in Ukraine and Wilfried Serles, the Managing Partnerof IB Interbilanz Vienna, Grant Thornton Slovakia and IB Interbilanz Kiev. During the fireside talk Mr. Markus carried out to the students a topic „Development of commercial and investment cooperation between Germany and Ukraine during the Crisis time in Ukraine“. And Mr. Serles shared his outlook with the students on the policy and restrictions have been implemented by the National Bank of Ukraine, the development of exchange rates and its impact on business, namely on the equity of companies. The event was attended by more than 40 students.

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