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aim4europe – young professionals engaging for Europe

In the summer of 2013, 40 young professional leaders from different organizations, companies and NGOs got invited by the European Forum Alpbach – to Alpbach in Motion 2013. Our task: To think creatively about Europe’s economic future and discuss new approaches for the continent’s economy.
Coming from diverse backgrounds, we were united by a shared concern about European Union’s future. Yet, we found ourselves facing a startling absence of honest answers to some of the most pressing questions of our time: Education, Distribution of Wealth, Migration, etc.
We decided to continue the work we began at the Alpbach summit on a voluntary basis and to think about further ways to contribute to Europe’s future.
Who we are
We are a group of European professionals from diverse backgrounds and professions, who provide a variety of viewpoints on social and economic topics, but are united by our shared concern for Europe’s future. Belonging to one of the first generations which benefited from European integration, we see our group as an embodiment of its promise: Different perspectives united by a common cause.
Firmly grounded in our respective fields, we still maintain idealism, energy, creativity and passion for new visions of an open, sustainable and optimistic society. We dare to dream of utopia, yet remain ready to face facts and recognize limits. We believe that the key to achieve this future lies in European integration, cooperation across disciplines and national divides, accountability and transparency. Independent of political parties, we speak on our own behalf.
While we may envision different solutions to the problems we seek to address, we see this diversity of views as the most appropriate way to grasp the complexity of these issues. Although our answers to the questions we are raising might differ, we share a common vision of a united Europe as a strong and constructive player in our planet’s future.

What we want

We seek to contribute to a political climate, which fosters constructive, fact-based, unbiased and honest discourse across all areas of society. We wish to trigger a broad public debate on important and relevant issues, in order to raise the level of critical debate.
We aim to analyze issues in a more comprehensive way, discussing problems in an open respectful fashion and with the aim to bridge gaps between our different perspectives, but also to allow for different approaches.

How we want to get started

Discussions and initiatives need a constructive and appropriate framework. Being part of the European Union we perceive the upcoming elections as crucial starting point. Like others we are concerned with high rates of abstention during European elections and the recent rise of extremism across Europe. Because of that our first initiative is our “Go Vote Initiative“ via Facebook. These elections will – perhaps more than any previous EU elections – help decide the future direction of Europe.

So, don’t stay aside, use your civil right and defend our democracy. 
Go vote and encourage others to do the same!
Feel free to join in, write a statement why you think voting is important and post it as well – 
aim4europe „Go Vote Initiative“: www.facebook.com/AlpbachInMotion2013