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Hier finden Sie die Magazine der Alpbacher Medienakademie 2014. Bitte klicken Sie auf das Bild, um das PDF runterzuladen. Viele weitere Artikel finden Sie online unter Alpbuzz.

future – Alpbach Special Edition:



Alpbach News Magazines:

Health Symposium:
Big Data in Medicine – Promise or Threat?
E-Health: Whose Data is it Anyway?
E-Health: Is Austria Falling Behind?

Legal Symposium:
Are Lobbyists the Lawmakers of the Future?
How Amassing Information can invade our Privacy
FIFA is coming – let’s change the Law!

Higher Education Symposium:
Gender Pay Differences: Mind the Gap
Art Degrees: Studies in Something Useful
Online Education: Going „E“ by Degrees

Technology Symposium:
Silicon Valley: Where Failure helps you Win
Drones: The 21st century Predators
Future Cities: How your House Outsmarts your Neighbour’s

Final Magazine Politics Online_small
Political Symposium:
Migration: How Brain Traffic can solve Unemployment
Gender Inequality: The Exklusive Club of Female Presidents
Ukrainian Crisis: Will the EU take stronger Steps

Economic Symposium:
Hayek vs. Keynes
Learning from the US: Growing vs Stagnation
What Missing Umbrellas can tell us about the Sharing Economy

Financial Symposium:
Centralized vs. Decentralized Markets
Ethics and Banking – do they Mix?
Future Clients: Who will Bankers sell to in the Future?

Built Environment Symposium:
Whose City is it? Public Spaces only for the Upper Classes?
How to guarantee Affordable Housing
Built Environment Alpbach: How the Conference Center expands

Alpbach Today:

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