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Europe – A global player in energy?


In 2007 the European Commission presented its renewed energy strategy as a response to the challenges of climate change, increasing import dependence and high energy prices. The strategy aims at delivering sustainable, secure and competitive energy by catalysing a new industrial revolution, transforming Europe into an energy efficient and low carbon economy. The threefold objective has since then gathered momentum, with international negotiations for a Post-Kyoto agreement underway and skyrocketing oil and gas prices undermining the Union s  growth and jobs agenda as well as contributing to rising inflation. Now that the Commission is preparing to present its second  Strategic Energy Review , it seems appropriate to take stock of what has been achieved so far and what remains to be done. The event  Europe  A global player in energy? therefore aims to contribute to the ongoing debate on the new energy policy for Europe. Together with a selection of distinguished speakers ranging from politics and economics to science and technology we will discuss three major dimensions of energy policy: energy security, energy efficiency and market liberalisation.