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Univ.-Prof. Dr.med. Alena BUYX Director, Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine, Technical University of Munich


 Studies in Medicine and Philosophy & Sociology in Muenster, York and London
2005 Magister (M.A. phil), Approbation, Promotion (Dr. med.)
2006-2008 Assistant Professor, Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, University of Muenster
2008-2009 Fellow, Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health, Harvard Medical School
2009-2012 Assistant Director, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, London
2012-2014 Head, DFG-Emmy Noether-Group Bioethics and Political Philosophy (University of Muenster); Senior Research Fellow, School of Public Policy (University College London, until 2015)
2014 Appointment, Professor of Medical Ethics, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
2016 Appointment, German Ethics Council by the President of the German Bundestag, Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Lammert
since 2018 Director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine, Technical University of Munich
Professor, Ethics of Medicine and Health Technologies, Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Munich
since 2019 Member of the WHO Expert Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing


German Ethics Council, since 2016
Scientific Board Forum Alpbach Health Symposium, since 2016
Central Ethics Committee of the German Medical Association (ZEKO), 2013-2016
WHO Expert Advisory, Development of Global Standards for the Control and Monitoring of Human Genome Editing


Fiske A, Henningsen P, Buyx A (2019) Your robot therapist will see you now: Ethical implications of embodied artificial intelligence in psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Journal of Medical Internet Research.
Fiske A, Prainsack B, Buyx B (2018) Health Information Counselors: A New Profession for the Age of Big Data? Academic Medicine Aug 7. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000002395.
Prainsack B, Buyx A (2017) Solidarity in biomedicine and beyond. Cambridge University Press.
German Ethics Council (2017) Big Data and Health - Data Sovereignty as the Shaping of Informational Freedom. Berlin, 30.11.2017.


Excellence in Teaching Award, CAU Kiel, 2015
Member of Junges Kolleg der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und Künste, 2013-2014
Young Scholar Award of the European Association for Philosophyof Medicine and Health Care, 2007
Young Scientist Award of "Akademie für Ethik in der Medizin", 2005