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Alexandre DE FARIA Managing Director, GOAL - Global Options and Linkages, Vienna


1987-1999 Chief, Project Appraisal/Quality Assurance, UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Vienna
since 2000 Director, Quality Performance, Vienna
since 2011 External Lecturer, Centre for Development Research, BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


Founding Member, SevenPlus Forum Europe
Board of Directors, European Community for NLP
Founding Member, MEDIARCOM - Conflict Resolution Centre


Project Cycle Management - Ownership-oriented Development, The Quality Assurance Company, 2004
Spiral Dynamics Integral in Action in a Roma Community, Integral Leadership Review/ILR, 2011
De Faria, A., Salazar de Buckle, T.: A Path to Equitable Global Development - De-growth in the North and Sustainable Growth in the South?, GOAL - Global Options and Linkages, Presentation at a Society for International Development, Vienna, 2011
Towards an Evolutionary Complex Systems Approach to International Development, Integral Leadership Review/ILR, 2013