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PhD DLA Andras SZEKFU Professor and Head, Department of Film Studies, King Sigismund College, Budapest


 Dr. Szekfu earned his MA and his doctor's degree at Eotvos Lorand University Budapest. He has a Ph.D. from Pecs University, a habilitation at the University of West Hungary, Sopron, and a DLA in Film Studies from the University of Theater and Film, Budapest. Also, he is Titular Professor at Pecs University. Currently Dr. Szekfu is Head of the Department of Film Studies at King Sigismund College, Budapest. His present fields of research are (Hungarian) documentary cinema and film theories of the silent era (Ivan Hevesy, Bela Balazs). Dr. Szekfu has been frequent lecturer at Hungarian, Czech and Romanian universities. Twice he was guest professor at Salzburg University, and for 9 Semesters he was guest lecturer at Vienna University. He is Vice President of the Hungarian Communication Studies Association and member of the Presidium of the Hungarian Film Club Association.


More than 80 publications in Hungarian, English and German. Among others:
Intruders Welcome? The Beginnings of Satellite Television in Hungary. European Journal of Communication, SAGE, London, pp. 161-171, Vol.4, 1989
Reality and Fiction in Classical Hungarian Documentaries. In: Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Vol.1, Film and Media Studies, pp. 137-148, 2009
The Return of Bela Balazs to Hungary (1945-1949), Lecture at the Bela Balazs symposium at CinePecs International Film Festival, Pecs, 2009
Artistic Dialogues in the Visegrad Cinema of the Sixties. In: P. Hanakova - K.B. Johnson (eds): Visegrad Cinema - Points of Contact . Praha, pp. 83-95, 2010