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Andrea ENRIA Chairman, EBA - European Banking Authority, London


1980-1987 B.A. Degree, Economics, University of Cambridge
1988-1989 Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) - with distinction
1988-1996 Economist, Banking Research Division and then in the Competition Policy Division, Banca d'Italia, Rome
1995 Advisor to the Italian Prime Minister (President Lamberto Dini), Banca d'Italia, Rome
1996-1999 Senior Economist, Financial Structures Unit, Banca d'Italia, Rome
1999-2001 Expert and then Senior Expert, Macroprudential Analysis, Banking and Financial Issues Unit, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main
2001-2003 Principal Secretary, Banking Supervision Committee, European System of Central Banks, Frankfurt am Main
2003-2004 Head, Financial Supervision Division, Directorate Financial Stability and Supervision, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main
2004-2008 Secretary General, CEBS and Company Secretary, Committee of European Banking Supervisors, London
2008-2011 Head, Supervisory Regulations and Policies Department, Banca d' Italia, Rome