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Andreas RUDAS President, Arthur D. Little Austria, Vienna


1983-1986 Spokesman, Austria’s Federal Ministry of Interior, Vienna
1986-1994 Spokesman and Manager, Public Relations and Marketing, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, Vienna
1993-1997 University Lecturer, Marketing, Institute for Business Administration, University of Vienna
1994-1997 Secretary General, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, Vienna
1997-2000 Secretary General, SPÖ - Social Democratic Party of Austria, Vienna
2000-2001 Vice President, Media Initiative, Magna Entertainment Corp., Vienna
Vice President, Public Relations and Special Projects, Magna Europa AG
2001-2005 Vice President, Communications, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs; Member, Management Board, Magna International Europe AG
2005-2006 Chairman, Supervisory Board, JoWood Productions Software AG
2005-2008 Executive Director, WAZ Ost Holding based in Vienna, Austria, South Eastern Europe and Vietnam
Member, Management Board, WAZ Media Group, Foreign Business
2009-2016 Executive Vice President, Regional Operations and Business Development, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia; Member, Executive Committee, RTL Group
Chairman, Supervisory Board, RTL Televizija in Croatia
Chairman, the Supervisory Board, MRTL in Hungary
Managing Director, RTL Group Austria GmbH
Responsible for the RTL Radio business in Germany
Chairman, RTL CBS Asia
Exploration of business opportunities in Africa for RTL
2017 Consultant, RTL Group
Senior Advisor, Arthur D. Little Austria GmbH, Vienna
since 2018 Chairman, RTR - Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Vienna
President, Arthur D. Little Austria GmbH, Vienna