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Anna MENDELSSOHN Actor, Performer and Author, Vienna


 Anna Mendelssohn studied Acting in the UK. Since 2004 she is a member of the Vienna based theatre company toxic dreams in Vienna and has since performed in more than 20 of their productions. She has also worked with numerous other directors and choreographers such as Daniel Aschwanden, David Mayaan (Schauspielhaus Wien), André Turnheim (Landestheater Linz), SUPERAMAS and others. She creates her own, internationally touring performances, in which she deals with parallels between private-individual and global-political events. Here she is especially interested in the role of language and rhetorics. Her works include Cry Me A River (2010), which received the actor’s prize at the Impulse Festival 2011 and the Jury and the Coproduction prize at Arena Festival 2010; art for a lonely heart (2011); The Rise and Fall (2011); The Furious Ballade of Folk (2012); WHAT ? (2013), Here and Now (2013), Ein Herbst, eine Jugend (2014), Frozen Eggs (2015), Nietzsche und Ich (2015), Amazon - River Deep (2016).