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Armin STEUERNAGEL Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Damia GmbH and Universnatur GmbH, Hannover


since 2007 Founder of a mail order company: waldorfshop Universnatur GmbH
2010-2013 B.A. PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economicy), University of Witten/Herdecke
2012 Visiting Student at Oxford University, New College
2011 Member of the German Delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit
2011-2014 Board Member of Democracy International
2012-2014 Member of Supervisory Board SG Witten/Herdecke
since 2012 Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Damia GmbH, which sells under the brand "Mogli" organic food for children in supermarkets in Germany and Asia and Australia
since 2013 Director of "DemocraticEuropeNow"


Member of the Young Club of Rome Germany: ThinkTank 30
BJU (Bund Junger Unternehmer, Council of Young Entrepreneurs Germany)
Democracy International e.V.
Mehr Demokratie e.V.


2014, Euractive, A call for a democratic Europe
2014, Brandeins, Demokratie muss man selber machen


Scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volks)
First Place in the Competition "Wir sind Revolution" by Richard David Precht and agora24