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Armin STEUERNAGEL Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Damia GmbH and Universnatur GmbH, Hannover


since 2007 Founder of a mail order company: waldorfshop Universnatur GmbH
2010-2013 B.A. PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economicy), University of Witten/Herdecke
2012 Visiting Student at Oxford University, New College
2011 Member of the German Delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit
2011-2014 Board Member of Democracy International
2012-2014 Member of Supervisory Board SG Witten/Herdecke
since 2012 Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Damia GmbH, which sells under the brand "Mogli" organic food for children in supermarkets in Germany and Asia and Australia