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Arnon MANTVER Chairman of the Board and Founder, The Center for International Migration and Integration, Jerusalem


 Arnon Mantver was the Director of JDC Israel, the Israeli arm of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, from 1995-2013. In 1989 he was appointed Director-General of the Jewish Agency s Immigration and Absorption Department and played a key role during a period of notable events in Israel's history, including the mass aliyah of Jews from the former Soviet Union and from Ethiopia. His broad experience has made him one of Israel s foremost experts on immigrant absorption. In 1998, Mr. Mantver established CIMI (the Center for International Migration and Integration) to facilitate effective migration management through knowledge exchange, capacity-building and technical assistance to government and non-governmental agencies. In 2011, the President of the State of Israel presented CIMI with the Israel Award for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings.