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MSc Benjamin AIGNER Lecturer, UAS Technikum Wien; Finalist, 2017 Falling Walls Lab Austria, Vienna


2010-2012 Bachelor Program "Electronics", UAS Technikum Wien
2012-2014 Master Program "Embedded Systems", UAS Technikum Wien
since 2012 Junior Researcher & lecturer, department "Embedded Systems", UAS Technikum Wien


Aigner, B./David, V./Deinhofer, M./Veigl, Ch.: FLipMouse - a Flexible Alternative Input Solution for People with Severe Motor Restrictions. Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion, 2016
Veigl, Ch./David, V./Deinhofer, M./Aigner, B.: Online Offset Correction of Remote Eye Tracking Data: A Novel Approach for Accurate Gaze-Based Mouse Cursor Control. 7th ICT Innovation Conference, 2015
Aigner, B./David, V./Deinhofer, M./Kratschanova, A./Veigl, Ch.: The AsTeRICS Academy for Cross-Cultural Education in Assistive Technologies, Strategies for fostering diversity in electrical engineering and information technology. 13th Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training, 2014