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Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. M.Sc. Brigitte BACH Head, Energy Department, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Wien


1983-1992 Technical Physics (DI, Dr.), Technical University Vienna
1984-1988 Astronomy (Mag.), University of Vienna
1988-1990 University assistant at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Technical University of Vienna
1991-1992 Scholarship for research projects at the Universities Stuttgart and Tübingen (Germany), Phd research in
  Tübingen and Vienna in Nuclear Astrophysics
1992-1994 Chamber of Commerce Austria, BIT - Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation
  and EUREKA Secretariat
1994-1995 ASA - Abfall Service Austria
1995-1996 CEO of the Austrian Ecology Institute
1996-1999 CEO of a small Consulting Company
1999-2003 Research and business development in the Business Unit Renewable Energy, AIT
2002-2004 M.Sc. Communication and Management Development, Danube-University Krems
2004 Deputy Head of Business Unit Renewable Energy, AIT
2005-2008 Head of Business Unit Sustainable Energy Systems, AIT
since 2009 Head of Center for Energy, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


EERA: EXCO member and coordinator of JPC Smart Cities
Chair of Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Energy
States Initiative Smart Cities (ongoing, leading to Joint calls in the first Phase)
Expert group for EIP European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EC)
Expert in Scientific Evaluation Panel in BRIDGE-Group (FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH)
Chair of the external Advisory group "Smart City Vienna"
Advisory group "Smart Grids Modellregion Salzburg"
Managing Board of "Austria Solar"
Action Group femOVE, Electrical Engineering of Austria
Energy Task Force - "Innovative Upper Austria 2020"