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MD Brigitte PINIEWSKI Chief Medical Officer, PeaceHealth Laboratories, Portland


 Brigitte Piniewski, MD is currently the Chief Medical Officer at PeaceHealth Laboratories, Springfield, Oregon.
 For the Continua Health Alliance, Dr Piniewski acts as Vice Chair for the Market Adoption Working Group.
 Dr. Piniewski is advancing the value proposition of crowd based approaches to gathering evidence-based health intelligence. This will anchor a new scientific discipline (eScience) and enable reachability management of complex living systems. By collecting high yield health data from lightly instrumented communities through low cost scalable technology solutions, crowds will be able to pro-actively co-produce optimal and sustainable health futures.


Dr. Piniewski earned her medical degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. and completed her internship at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Piniewski is a primary care specialist who has practiced for several years in both the US and Canada. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon.


Dr Piniewski has co-authored papers with the more recent including "Empowering Healthcare Patients with Smart Technology" IEEE Computer Society July 2010 and a US EU collaborative technical report, "Nudging lifestyles for better health outcomes: crowdsourced data and persuasive technologies for behavior change" Piniewski et al. EUR 24785 EN - 2011


Key Contributor Award, Continua Health Alliance, Employer HR Working Group, 2008