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Ph. D. Calum MACKELLAR Director of Research, The Scottish Council on Human Bioethics Ltd., Edinburgh


1991-1992 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship studying the synthesis and applications of genetic antivirals as potent drugs against AIDS/HIV, University of Edinburgh and the Medical Research Council
1993-1997 Associate, Synthesis of New Kinds of Drugs for Gene-Therapy, Link Technologies Ltd, Glasgow Research and Development
1997-2001 Visiting/Associate Lecturer in Biological Chemistry and Bioethics, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
2001-2003 Senior Civil Servant, Bioethics Division in the Directorate General of Legal Affairs, Council of Europe Strasbourg
since 2003 Director of Research, Scottish Council on Human Bioethics, Scottish Charity, Edinburgh
since 2010 Visiting Lecturer & Visiting Professor of Bioethic, St Mary s University, Twickenham, London


Fellow of the BioCentre: The Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy, 2006
Fellow of the Centre for Bioethics and Human Dignity Academy, Trinity International University, Chicago, USA, 2010


C. MacKellar and David Albert Jones (eds.); Chimera s Children: Ethical, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives on Human-Nonhuman Experimentation, London: Continuum International Publishing, 2012, ISBN 978-1-4411-9886-0
C.MacKellar and Chrisopher Bechtel (eds.): The Ethics of the New Eugenics, New York: Berghahn Books, 2014, ISBN 978-1-78238-120-4