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Caroline RENNIE Managing Director, ren-new Sàrl, La Conversion


1989-1991 Staff Economist, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washinton DC
1991-1993 Marketing Manager, Envirothene, Los Angeles, CA
1993-1995 Policy Advisor, California Integrated Waste Management Board, Sacramento, CA
1995-1998 Director Environment, Continental Can & Schmalbach Lubeca, Brussels
1998-2007 Director Environmental Communications, Tetra Pak International, Lausanne
 Since 2007 Managing Director, ren-new Sàrl, La Conversion


Muff, K. (Ed.): The Collaboratory. A Co-creative Stakeholder Engagement Process for Solving Complex Problems. Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield, 2014
Rennie, C.; Maclean, A.: Salvaging the Future: waste-based production, Insitute for Local Self-Reliance, 1985