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 He received his diploma in 1964 from the 'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries' of Strasbourg (ENSAIS).
 From 1969 to 1972 he realized important public equipments in Cergy Pontoise as architect-urbanist of the public administration of the city.
 In 1973 he established his own firm in Paris
 In 1992 he established an office in Berlin.
 He mixes architectural conception with urban reflection as shown in his sizable realizations in Europe including among them :
 the factory "57 métal" for the firm Renault in Billancourt (1983), the Head Office building for the administrative division of 'Bas-Rhin' in Strasbourg (1989), the Opera House and conference centre 'Le Corum' in Montpellier (1990), the cultural centre 'La Filature' in Mulhouse (1993), the centre for liver transplant surgery for Prof Bismuth at the Hospital P. Brousse in Villejuif (1993), the conference centre in Reims (1994), the world trade centre tower in Lille (1995), the commercial and entertainment centre "Hallen am Borsigturm" in Berlin (1999), the waste recycling plant in Rouen (2000), the office building "Quartier 30" in Berlin (2001), the Institute for chemical research - ISIS- in Strasbourg (2002), the Law court and offices in Grenoble (2002), the Cultural centre in Vélizy-Villacoublay (2003).


Claude VASCONI has been a guest professor at the School of Architecture in Montreal (Canada). He has participated in several juries for international competitions, seminars and architectural awards.


Claude Vasconi's work gave rise to numerous newspaper articles as well as publications : monograms by 'Editions du Moniteur' (1983), 'Minium' (1989 &1997), 'Electa Moniteur' (1990), 'Editions du Regard' (1995), 'Birkhäuser' (1997), as well as a book by 'Jean-Michel Place Editions' " Hallen am Borsigturm " (2000), and was the subject of several retrospective exhibitions in France, Italy, Germany, in the United-States, and in Argentina.


In 1982 he was awarded the French National Grand Prize in Architecture.
He has been a member of the French Academy of Architecture since 1991 and honourable member of 'Bund Deutscher Architekten' since 1996.