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Ph.D. Colin HARRISON Distinguished Engineer Emeritus, IBM Corporation, New York


1972-1977 Electrical Engineer, CERN, Geneva
1977-1979 Research Engineer, EMI Central Research, Hayes
1979-1981 Advisory Engineer, IBM, San Jose
1981-1987 Senior Engineer, IBM Instruments, Inc., Boston
1988-1999 Research Staff Member, IBM, Yorktown Heights and Rueschlikon
1999-2001 Director, IBM, Yorktown Heights
2001-2007 Director, IBM, Zurich
2007-2013 Distinguished Engineer, IBM, Armonk


Fellow, Institution of Engineer & Technology, UK
Sr. Member, IEEE, US
Founder, Urban Systems Collaborative
Advisor, Swiss Academy of Applied Science


Harrison, C. et al.: Imaging of Complex NMR Spectra, Investigative Radiology, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 180-185, March-April, 1985
Handoff Method and Apparatus for Mobile Wireless Workstation, US Patent no. 5,181,200, (USA), January 19, 1993
Harrison, C. et al.: Foundations for Smarter Cities, IBM Journal of Research and Development, vol. 54, no.4, July/August, 2010


Founder Member, Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 1981
IBM Master Inventor, 2004
IBM Distinguished Engineer, 2010